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Versatile Project Dashboards

Project Nucleus has a clean tab based project dashboard interface where you can easily track and manage important details of your project without relying on using multiple 3rd party tools. The task area sports a clean Kanban style U/I that has drag and drop capabilities. This is where you can assign individual tasks or assign bulk tasks which is a HUGE time saver. You’ll notice the dashboard has multiple tabs. Tasks, Time tracker, Milestones, File Manager, Team Chat Room, Activity Feed, Project Notes and Genesis Board. Each of which has its own unique features and benefits. The Versatility of this project dashboard enables you to remain extremely productive while having a grasp of all areas of managing a successful ongoing project.

Team Integration

Integrate your whole team in the matter of seconds and assign them a proper designation. Project managers will have access to a whole project while team members like link builders or content writers will only have access to tasks that were assigned to them. As soon as a team member logs into Project Nucleus they can see what projects they are a part of along with any tasks assigned to them for that given project. They wont be able to see other team members tasks for the same project. This helps keep distractions low and focus high. You’ll also be able to add partners into nucleus where they will have the same admin access as you have.

Dedicated Project Time Line Calendars

Having a birds eye view of all your projects and task progress is imperative. You can see tasks for a given project on a monthly, weekly and daily view. You can also sort between different team members to gauge progress. Task Allocation is important. If you have a team member with too much on their plate you can simply allocate the task to another team member who doesn’t have a full calendar of tasks. By clicking on a task bubble you’ll be able to see important data such as start date, due date, project name, task name, assignee and a link to take you to the task workstation for instant access. Changing due dates is as simple as dragging a task bubble to a different day. It’ll automatically change the due date for you. The Time line calendar will also include a Universal Calendar View where you can see all tasks for all projects in one calendar view. The Colored Bubbles can help you gauge progress. Red meaning a task is overdue, Orange meaning a task in in progress and Green meaning a task is complete.

Done For You Pre Loaded Templates

Streamline your web projects with ready-to-use templates you can assign to your projects. Our templates will be categorized between SEO, Design, Development, On boarding and More! We built a foundation template library that your company can tap into immediately after joining Project Nucleus. A handful of Project management companies offer basic checklist templates but We went the extra mile and set up template workstations like Untapped backlink sources, PBN tracking, Guest Post Tracking, Social Media Account Creation to name a few! This feature alone will save you a bunch of time and headaches.

Create Your Template Workstation

Project Nucleus has a unique feature that allows you to create your own checklists and data table workstation templates from scratch. All you have to do is Title it, Select the type of template you want to create, select a category and that’s it! Now you can easily assign this template you created to projects going forward. You will also have the ability to embed videos to your template. If you have training or even if you found something on YouTube that explains your process well you can embed that to your template.

Template Workstation With Chat System

Get rid of Spreadsheets once and for all! Project Nucleus has built in Data table workstations where your team members can work right out of. Exporting reports takes less than a second. We also have a video icon where you can attach video training to your task. Perfect for new team members who need to get up to speed. All data is saved real time. Communication is simple. Every task will have a unique chat box where you can discuss the task while keeping everything saved. Gone are the days where you have to rely on email and skype to communicate with your team on projects. Organization is key and that what we’ve accomplished with the integrated task chat boxes.

Integrated Project File Manager

The project file manager keeps all your project files in one secure place. You’ll be able to access top level files that you might’ve attached to your project and Sub level files that you might’ve attached to individual tasks. You can download attachments, view attachments and also add more attachments anytime.

Nucleus Pre loaded Template Training Videos

We are taking this to the next level with built in training. All of our Project Nucleus House Templates will come with a video tutorial going over best practices, tips and tricks. Perfect for new team members or VA’s who need a little extra help. You will find the video training attached to the preloaded template workstations where you will see a small video icon that will prompt a light box video. Have your own training videos? You can embed videos to your own templates that you add to the system as well!

Intuitive Project & Task Creation

Create a project in under 30 seconds. Select a category, title your project, assign top level project managers, enter in your URL, some keywords, a description and attachments. You’ll notice in the project list you can easily track the progress of a project. As tasks are completed you will see the green progress bar % increase. Quickly search a project by name, this is useful when you are managing a bunch of projects. You can also sort project by category. The project list also has a drag and drop capability to better sort your list of projects.

Create and Save Bulk Task Lists

Project Nucleus was built with scale and automation in mind. When you are in the bulk task creation area you can set up your tasks one time, give it a name and save it as a pre set bulk list. Once saved with the click of a few buttons you can auto populate a list of tasks within 5 seconds. Assignee, title, template and priority will already be filled out. All you would need to change is the due due if you assign this to another project going forward. This feature becomes useful when you are planning projects month in advanced. Create a task list for month 1, month 2 and 3 in minutes.

Upload Your Own Templates To Use On Projects

Take all those spreadsheet you have in Excel or google sheets and give it a new home inside Project Nucleus. Nucleus will convert your processes and SOPS into Template workstations that you can assign to your projects. You can also embed videos to your templates when you upload them to Nucleus.

Designers Workstation

Tired of going back and fourth with your Designer on skype or email on getting designs approved? check out the Designers Workstation where collaboration is truly a breeze when it comes to design work. Your designer can upload graphics for your review. All communication is saved and stored for future references. Once you are satisfied with the final design, your designer can attach the PSD file in this area to start development.

What Are People Saying About NUCLEUS

  • “Amazing!”

    Move over Trello! One of the biggest secrets to my success over the past 13+ years has been the “Tools of the Trade” which automate, schedule and track tasks, duties and SOP’s. Project Nucleus takes this to another level. Its super simple to use and more importantly its built for SEO’s! The templates that come into this Project Management Application are “Full Blown Courses/Methods” that Angel could package up and sell but instead he has decided to include them for all members! The templates alone are worth 10x the price of admission! Thank you Angel.

    Mike Merlino
  • “Amazing!”

    Project Nucleus has been a game changer for me. Literally found it at the perfect time, as I’ve had some big growth in my SEO agency this year. My biggest pain point was not having everything in one place. I now have one place for everything, and it’s super easy to communicate & set tasks for my team.

    Luke Gray
  • “Amazing!”

    There have been many different tools created over the time that I have been in SEO that claim to be specifically designed for SEO task management, however, every time they all seem to miss the mark because they are often created by developers how couldn’t SEO their way out of a paper bag. Everyone in the industry knows that Angel has earned his reputation amongst some of the best in the SEO industry and it shows inside this project. He’s put together a system any team can be plugged in to to effectively manage a search campaign starting at web design and ending at maintenance. He’s consistently responsive to the needs of the SEO and adapts the platform in days, not weeks, to the needs of his customers. While I’m certainly glad he’s no longer as focused on competing in the SERPs, I’m glad he’s the one who created Project Nucleus for us to better manage our own projects as well as those of our clients.

    Clint Butler
  • “Amazing!”

    Been using the software for one day. Already signed up for one year of service. This software is going to really help my agency stay organized. Nice work Angel Cruz.

    Tim Marose
  • “Amazing!”

    Really glad to be here! i tested for less than 24 hours and knew i wanted to upgrade. Best of all my team loved it on first sight. We were previously using Asana, so will now migrate the projects from there before closing it down.

    Earl Gardner
  • “Amazing!”

    The software is amazing, but what’s really great is the support you get from Angel. He’s on his game all the time.

    Mike Coday